Relationship Rescue: Essential Knowledge We Weren't Taught.

If you are in a relationship, or want a happy relationship in the future, this simple to understand presentation outlines many of the key things YOU NEED TO KNOW.

Much of what we do in relationships we do because it 'feels right'. The problem is, often 'what feels right' actually takes us in the wrong direction and we end up with problems, drama and disconnection.

It is not our fault - but if we want success in our relationships we need to learn new information. Things our parents didn't know!

If you are having problems in your relationship this short video will answer a lot of your questions about how you got where you are - and what you can do about it.

"Inspiring and Instructive" "Fantastic..." "It opened my eyes..." "We should all be taught this stuff!"

2 x Mp4 Video - Total running time: 108 minutes

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